At Dario Architecture and Design LLC we believe that the easiest path to a satisfied client is to set proper expectations, then to meet or exceed them.

​Our client agreement is concise and details our exact commitments to you as well as your commitments to our firm, no room for misunderstandings.  We believe that this insures a successful project, a happy client and a new friendship.

​Our client agreement can be custom tailored to your project and features a number of ala carte services.  Naturally if there is an additional service that you require just ask, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

​To view a sample of our client agreement click the here or on the image.

Project management   Assist to overcome obstacles
​Conflict resolution   Insure that contractor stays in scope

Construction Management

Our Commitment

General Architectural Services

Make no mistake about it, every project (residential or commercial) benefits from some extra hand holding.

​However well-intentioned, general contractors can at times be difficult to deal with.  However well-meaning, clients of general contractors can at times be difficult to please.

​Dario Architecture and Design LLC is an expert in mediation and we are with you from start to finish.  We watch carefully over your project, make ourselves available for regular consultations and work to resolve conflict expeditiously.

New Construction


Architectural renderings   Interior design   Legalization   Decks, pools and fireplaces
Public assembly and equipment use permits   Certificates of occupancy
Zoning and building code analysis

Whether you are looking to extend or convert your building or home, you're probably going to need the assistance from an architectural firm such as Dario Architecture and Design LLC.  When you choose to work with our full service company, you can rest assured that all your construction and building needs are well taken care of.

From the planning process to the building regulation submission, we stand by you the whole way. Put all the hard work on us so you can sit back, relax and watch your building or home increase in size and value.

Although starting fresh on a property is invigorating and creative, it is also very challenging. Make the process more enjoyable when you seek our new building services. We will deal directly with the client, general contractor and sub-contractor to ensure that everyone is happy in the end.

No matter what type of building you are creating, you can count on Dario Architecture and Design LLC  to give you the results you seek. More often than not, we are likely to even exceed our client's expectations!


Throughout the planning process of your commercial or residential project, are you in need of a creative mind that can also solve the structural problems along the way? If so, you should seek the general architectural services of Dario Architectural and Design LLC.

While design and the optimum use of the space is important and our main goal, we also provide a proficient and high quality set of construction documents which graphically expresses the design to the general contractor.

Schematic designs   Final designs   Conferring with local planning agency
Construction drawings   Determining project functionality
Additions   Roof Raising   Conversions   Façade redesigns

Schematic designs and construction drawings   Determine functionality
Zoning and building code study
File paperwork with the local zoning agency
Coordinate with engineering firm regarding sewer or road work

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